Why use Race Ratings?

This a very good question. After all there is plenty of free commentary and certain data available on horses so why use additional form ratings?

The easiest way to answer this would be for you to make your selections with the help of race ratings for a month and then try and make them without using any sort of help(ratings) after that. Once someone starts using horse race ratings to improve their betting selections most people can’t imagine betting without them ever again.

To begin with, it should be understood that race ratings cannot work wonders or predict the winner of every race with complete accuracy. Considering this, if ratings could achieve such a feat, bookmakers would soon go out of business.

That doesn’t mean there is no point in using ratings though- far from it! And here’s why:

Throughout my years of meeting successful bettors and my own personal experience with successful bets, I have found that the common factor is thorough research and a significant amount of time dedicated towards identifying the best selection to bet on.

This brings us smoothly to the topic of ratings and their potential to enhance your betting experience and boost your success rate.

Time, or lack of it, is a huge factor in most people’s lives nowadays and it is no different for the average punter.

This is where ratings come in – they are a great way to spot trends and patterns quickly and narrow down your selections using set criteria so you can really focus on those horses that have a better chance of winning. Then you look into this shortlist further and cross reference with other sources (e.g. reading comments about how the horse last performed, why it performed that way, if there was any particular reason it doesn’t do well at a certain course or going etc) to make your final decision on which horse(s) to back. This narrowing down process is so important in making sure you only select those horses that you really do believe have the best chance of winning.

It can also help you eliminate horses that, although the data looks good on paper, when you look into the horse further you can see that actually the data is that way for a reason and it has no chance of winning the particular race you happen to be looking at.

Ratings can help you avoid betting because you like the name of the horse and all those other good/sentimental reasons (or not) we use to choose our selections. When you bet using ratings then you know you have done your research and in as many ways as possible confirmed why, of all the horses in the race, the horse you have selected could actually win it.

You are no longer acting on hunches or hearsay from well meaning folks on social media etc, you are backing based on all the info you have available to you on that horse. Betting using as much accurate and factual information as possible can only lead to greater success in the long run!
When you consider there can be anything between 2 and 7 meetings most days and 500+ horses running on a busy Saturday of racing you see how difficult it can be to know where to even start when choosing horses to bet on for the day. That is where I believe ratings really come into their own.
Without ratings you could literally spend hours reading all the comments from racing news, bookies pages on the horses that are running and really get overwhelmed with which horse to pick. Using ratings can help you streamline that process and spot things quickly- so you don’t have to look at all the races and all the horses, just those that the data draws your attention to. In the long run this saves you both time and more importantly money by not making random bets and ensuring you only bet on things that really have the best chance of winning.

Remember there is no such thing as a sure bet (there really isn’t) so it’s always about improving your chances so that in the long term you are profitable, and that’s exactly what horse race ratings can help you do.

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If you’ve not used horse race ratings before then give them a try here.

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Why use Race Ratings?
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Why use Race Ratings?
Once someone starts using horse race ratings to improve their betting selections most people can’t imagine betting without them ever again.
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